How to Choose your Binary Option Robot – Examples of Tip 9

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How to pick the Binary Robot


Tip 9: beware of incredibly high returns


Some vendors publish the results like this but I would say “sorry, if you don’t show me the trading sessions I don’t believe that!”



binary fake statement



Same for this case: turning $200 into $2,400 in one month! Why should they give away the robot for free, or better for just a CPA?



binary options fake promise



And they don’t even show full session results, because they kind of pick part of trading sessions, like in the attachment below.



binary options scam



Some are even promising 100% winning ratio, that is they never lose! They say this because they declare to have a 100% guarantee based on which they will reimburse all the losses up to $500,000.



Sounds wonderful, but I don’t believe them. And this takes us to the last tip.



fake binary option promises


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