How to Choose your Binary Option Robot – Examples of Tip 3

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How to pick the Binary Robot


Examples of Tip 3: you should see real statements showing real trades


Do not trust blindly “photoshop” pictures (as I call them) published in the vendor website before you have made a thourough investigation.


Real statements are like this, where you see at least the full session and not just a few trades of a session, as it might be that some trades were good and some were bad, and the whole session was negative.


Example of a real binary session statement

real binary statement
real binary statement

Examples of “photoshop” or “advertisement” statements



In the following statements you see some trading activity but you do not get the real picture of the performance during the whole session.


Yes, nice trades, but are they all for the day or did you lose BIG on some others? Please show me ALL trades!

binary fake statement

Advertisement statement verified by “Binary Verify” but we were not able to evaluate the quality of this certification.

binary fake statement

No way to verify this table, I consider this an advertisement statement.

binary fake statement

Same thing, I consider this an advertisement statement.

binary fake statement

Even though also the images that should represent real statements could be disguised or even falsified, avoiding binary robots from websites and vendors which show photomontages is something that we recommend unless you make additional research which proves that the robot delivers good results.


In other words, showing a performance with unclear statements does not necessarily mean that it is a fake representation, but we recommend being really cautious.


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